Blog #0353

7.30am – It’s another Monday morning, but what was the thing that was hanging in my head yesterday night? Ah! Collect and fold the throw-overs for the sofa before my MIL. Otherwise, I think she’ll collect it after her exercise (from what I saw yesterday), which means she’ll be dirty and sweaty. O.O”’

8.46am – PC started up. Let’s go up to the canteen and see if there’s any pancakes.

9.04am – Nope. No pancakes. Just buns again. Good morning! Hmm… should I continue as planned, which is to stop work after 2 weeks? Or should I heed the gynae’s advice to continue to work until I gave birth? Gee… who knows, I might just end up giving birth tomorrow. *LOL*

12.08pm – WOW! What was that? Little milkie’s head┬ádirectly pressing on my bladder or what? O.O!!! Or is she rolling her head around my pelvic area? Damn it. I need to run to the loo…

2.33pm – Just met up with a friend for lunch. She finally decided to quit at the end of next year. Yes, it’s still going to be a while but at least there’s a targetted date = something to look forward to. Hope in the meantime, she can endure the nonsense.

4.13pm – 3 more pieces before I can order. Hmm… shall have to wait for this week then.

10.21pm – Imagine if you are a bangala, washing the car at the MSCP, and then a car suddenly stopped beside you. The driver winds down the window and asks, “Do I need to put this up?”, with his 2 index fingers swinging from left to right. And then he asked the question (with the same action) for about 2-3 times. Would you know what he is trying to say?

I almost laughed my head off when I saw that, and all I could do was to burp out the word, “wipers”, which the driver repeated after me. It was then that the bangala probably caught part of the question and replied something which the driver doesn’t really understand either, but otherwise, still acknowledges it and drove off.

Gosh… I’ll be in a state of shock if I’m the bangala, with lots of question marks in my head. I sweared I saw those on that bangala’s face, with that driver still happily repeating it several times (with that stupid action), and couldn’t say out that word because he forgotten it.

So damn bloody cute. Even my little milkie is laughing inside my womb as I can feel the sudden wriggles within. That’s my lil’ hub. *ROFL* This is going to be such a nice night to sleep. I love you both, my little hubby and milkie! MUAK! Thanks for bringing all the joy!

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