Blog #0354

9.19am – Craving for zhui kueh… … …

10.24am – Just ate a prata to curb my craving. Helped a little bit that’s all. Hmm…

10.49am – Sometimes, some people are just so selfish. They only think about themselves, and want the others to change, just BECAUSE of them. No way will I do that for you, dude. The meetings are fixed. You are available, you come. If you are not, then you’ll have to try and schedule it with us on your own some day… It’s just too bad. That’s the way I do things. Cheerios.

1.50pm – The thermometer for babies is so expensive… Just came back from NEX and bought 2 packets of extra long pads (for usage after my delivery) and a nail clipper for babies. Went to see the price of the thermometer (measured through the ear) and I’m quite surprise to see the price.

2.36pm – Am striking off and clearing my TO-DO list, especially for those at work, since it could be anytime that I’m delivering the baby from now on. *Scary thought – to a certain extent* Anytime… hmm…

3.50pm – 3 out of 9 is out of stock. How lucky am I.

4.18pm – Yes! 3 more things striked off the list! Or at least 1 confirmed, 1 in progress and 1 pending. Well, at least there’s some movements.

5.11pm – I just realised my privacy had also been invaded while at work… Sigh… Please don’t look at my screen even if you saw something interesting. It’s not very nice, you know?

7.26pm – Did I just have my first contraction? Gee… it doesn’t feel like little milkie kicking. Nor does it feel like the feeling to visit the toilet. Nor the normal whatever hicks. Better take note a little.

8.57pm – My Bebe is so nice! I only texted him and asked if the Tiong Bahru zhui kueh would still be available at this time, and then the next thing, he bought the zhui kueh back! Heehee ^^ So sweet right? *Yum Yum* Tasted extremely nice today (with the Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee). MUAK! Thank you Bebe!

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