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10.23am – I can jolly well say that I finished using up my brain cells for today. Just came out from my boss’s office after a session of brainstorming on the new process that they discussed. Luckily managed to think of a solution for that. But now, I think my brain is too drained for me to update the workflow. Will probably rest a while more and update it only after lunch. For now, let’s eat some bread to try and replenish the cells.

Not to mention. I haven’t even got the time to update my TO-DO list yet, which I intended to this morning.

12.40pm – Failed in making the payment for the apparels. Let’s hope they reply and I can get it done today.

I’m back in my office now after a bowl of fried fish soup and a cup of apple juice. The brain is still somewhat drained. I guessed I’ll proceed with my initial plan of starting my maternity leave on the 18 June. It’ll be good to have some rest, and some time to tidy up and pack the room(s) before the arrival of the baby. And since travelling isn’t as easy anymore, working from home doesn’t seem very logical, I might as well start it early, even if the baby is not out yet.

1.02pm – Yeah… Sent my order for the rubber stamps! Luckily I managed to find it (in the middle of the night). But weird. Why am I waking up in the middle of the night again? Especially when the baby isn’t kicking. Hmm… am I bothered by something? Or am I getting stress unconsciously?

1.32pm – Being assigned another task. Jesus… why all crowd together again? First thing first, let me update the first one. Then will work on the second one. Think the both of them (my boss and the director) really chose a good time to use up all my brain cells.

1.52pm – I’m done with the transaction on the rubber stamps. Nice seller, to reply that promptly. And I’ll be receiving my alphabet rubber stamps soon! Which means I can probably start a new project, that is, provided I’ve got the time. Seems like I’ve got so many projects pending, and pending. I wonder WHEN I’ll actually have the time to do it. And my mum had been nagging at me to keep the room (that me and little milkie will be staying for at least a month) clean and tidy. Bleh.

Preparations, preparations and MORE preparations. *Takes a deeeeeeeep breath* Okay, little milkie, please rest and stop kicking for a while. Your mummy is trying to concentrate on work. Thank you. *Pat pat*

2.57pm – Things are getting so messy… O.O and I just confirmed with my boss that I’m starting my maternity on the 18 of June, which means… NEXT FRIDAY IS MY LAST DAY OF WORK! Woohoo! But then again… can I finish all those changes that she mentioned by next Friday? Hmm… don’t really think so.

3.29pm – 57 items to go… 7 items pending at the temp guy. I hope he can handle it.

4.00pm – I know you are pissed. I’m pissed too. But how?

4.20pm – When you think too much and the aches started to visit you. It’s a signal from the brain asking you to take a break, and relax.

4.42pm – Listening to the songs just made me… WANT TO GO CLUBBING EVEN MORE! Damn it… I missed those times…

4.58pm – I seriously don’t understand why are the banks employing non-professional people to get business… -.-”’ I just received a call, from OBVIOUSLY an uncle who called from his house, saying (in not so smooth English) that he’s from some Australia bank. And then in an extremely slow pace and unprofessional way. When I replied I’m not interested, he asked, “Why ah?” =.=”’ I just hung up the phone. WTH. Even IF I AM interested in your free credit card, or promotions, or whatsoever. HONESTLY, do you think I dare to even give you any of my details? *TOTALLY BAFFLED*

5.37pm – Off work! But, today, I’ll wait for my beloved sister. ^^ Going to pick her up from nearby since I’m taking cab back home anyway. For now, let’s surf a little bit of… *Got called in by boss*

5.43pm – Okay. Some more amendments.

6.31pm – Yes! I received the maternity photos! So nice of miss little rabbit to send it so on time!

10.26pm – So sad to know that the lil’ hub didn’t like the maternity shoots… He mentioned that it wasn’t that well done, and that I looked so much older than I actually looked… It’s kind of… depressing… *sob*

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