Thoughts – A Mountain Higher

As the Chinese saying goes… there’s always a mountain higher than another mountain…

I sat there, amused by the conversation between the lil’ hub and his mum early in the morning. How funny can it be, as the mum continuously rambled and complained on how dirty and messy those tenants of hers are. And how her unit was almost like a sh*thole when she “peeped” in from outside yesterday when she went back. It must have been a little aching for her to see it in such a “tragic” state.

At the back of my head, I wasn’t thinking (not even close) of siding with her for firstly, in the first place, I never agreed to them renting it out at such a hasty pace, without thinking it through thoroughly, or at least, most part of it. Just because the rental amount is higher than most other tenants doesn’t mean that you need to agree on the spot. And that auntie of his, well, I’m not sure why is she rushing them either. And that whole load of reassurance doesn’t seem that helpful at this moment.

Next. If you want to rent it out, then stop thinking how your house will end up in! Close both your eyes. Close both your eyes. If you are that particular, then don’t rent out or be a bit more picky. What is the point of crying over spilled milk? Grumbling only after you rented it out and saw the mess. Do you expect people to keep the house clean and tidy FOR YOU? (I don’t, anymore. But at least I get to clean it once in a while)

But yes, I do admire the tenants for the way they can live. I mean, though I’d already seen it with my own eyes while I stayed in the hostel during my uni years. Students from China, especially boys? Don’t expect much please. And it really is a bit amusing to see my MIL “jumping” every time she sees her untidy house. Let her have a taste of someone who’s standards are lower than hers. Oops, I’m being really bad over here.

Anyway, I replaced the sponge for washing the dishes this morning. Why? I found a few strands of hair stucked in the old piece yesterday night. Made me wonder what did my MIL use it for… I seriously hope she’s not using the same piece to clean the basin (in my toilet). Oh yes, the difference in the┬álevels of standards. *Thumbs up for the tenants*

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