Blog #0356

7.26am – You will totally feel puzzled when someone start sending out email which you are supposed to be sending. But the problem is, there’s a reason to why it’s not sent out earlier… And now you are being questioned for the reason. So… is that person helping you, or stabbing you at the back? *The downside of checking your email early in the morning on your handphone*

8.55am – When you sleep with a bad mood, you woke up with a bad mood. To top it up and make things worse, you realised that you need to work today, and that you received some emails which you wished you hadn’t early in the morning.


9.21am – If you are going to ask me every question that the people asked. I might as well be the one who answered those emails. =.=”’

9.34am – And I think you should go for some course in formal writing, or writing for business too…

9.58am – Does drinking water helps to cool someone down, mentally and emotionally?

10.24am – There’s still a difference, really.

1.52pm – Back from lunch and bought my last McDonald’s Hello Kitty but yet my mood didn’t improve, not even that bit. I guessed the comments from the lil’ hub really affected me quite a bit, with the help of those hormones, which I’m not sure when it’ll be gone. Sigh…

Now… I need to force myself to switch my brain back to work, so that I can try and finish the things asap. Heard from the admin that my boss and the director will be leaving for Suzhou next week. Wonder how I can handover my things… whatever for now…

2.41pm – One down. Another one to go before ONE task is considered done. Still mood. Seriously. What’s with the hormones thing? Hmm…

3.34pm – It’s 3pm plus and… MY MOOD ISN’T ANY BETTER! Damn. This is no good… Seriously… do I really look older? *GASP…*

4.08pm – One from Prudential, one from Manulife, one from Asia Plantation (whatever that is). How many more calls will I be getting? This is making me damn annoyed! Don’t make me start hanging up the moment I have no idea where you are calling from.

4.27pm – Seems to be having some indigestion issue here. I feel bloated. *Smack face*

10.35pm – In the study room, surfing the internet aimlessly. The lil’ hub is working. I’m being banned from playing D3. Didn’t feel like doing anything else. Hair is still damp. The late dinner hadn’t fully digested yet. Right arm felt numbed with a little pain. Extremely swollen feet. No more online shopping. What am I supposed to do now?

I’ve got so many things to do but yet hasn’t got the mood. Life seems so… aimless, somehow… I guess… my water droplets are all dispersed now. Maybe it’s time for me to start gathering them back again? Hmm…

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