Blog #0357

8.35am – Good gracious! The MIL is back from her routine exercise. And now they are talking about the tenants again. Well, she can FINALLY rest her mind and sleep in peace, since those annoying tenants are moving out. Peace for my mind too!

10.47am – Stoning in the office with lots of things still crowded in my head. Maybe it’s a good time to draw a mind map?

11.27am – “Use your common sense”. It’s not really that harsh but can be damaging for some, especially when the recently heat-up hasn’t cooled down yet.

2.15pm – BACK! And bought a book and a magazine! Life is good!

2.39pm – System down. System down. System going to go down. *LOL* And my little milkie is wriggling so actively again.

3.41pm – Oh gosh… the debugging is taking ages… *YAWN*

4.11pm – After 2 hours plus of debugging, I have a conclusion. It seems like she’s throwing smoke bomb. Whatever that she changed, we tried that TOO. And it doesn’t solve the issue. I seriously wonder if she really knows how to solve it. Or that she’s the one helping to create it previously.

4.41pm – Okay, the temp guy left because he’s not-sure-who suddenly passed away and so he had to leave early. So now it’s going to be me and the lady. And she’s out for her lunch, saying that she’ll be back 30 minutes later. Sigh… It’s a Friday but yet I have a feeling I’ll need to OT… And it probably is alright if at the expense of staying back, the issue got solved. But somehow… why do I… doubt… it…?

5.40pm – Yeah! She’s FINALLY back!

5.51pm – Sometimes it’s better to rely on yourself than other people. Blah blah blah and I have no idea what you want me to do… Wait? I don’t have so much time for you. I’m already doing OTs!

6.35pm – I’m puking blood. If you need something, say it. If you can only debug something using that something, say it. How the hell would I know what you need to get things solved!

6.46pm – Great. The lil’ hub is off work and going to his colleagues house already and I’m still stuck in office. Wonder how to get a cab here at this house… Wait… It’s probably the next hour. Might consider calling a cab already. Damn it. I’ll consider working from home on Monday. Damn it. That would mean I’ll need to carry my lappie back. Sh*t. *Idea dropped*

6.52pm – This is going to be a long night…

7.19pm – You changed A to B. B to C. Then changed C back to A again. Then you changed the environment and redo it all over, and the error seems to be STILL the same. Tell me, are you seriously trying to debug in the right direction? I told you ALREADY, we’d TRIED all those combinations… Am I speaking English? Or do you really need me to speak in your language?

7.25pm – I can feel the lava starting to stir. The particles must have been impatient already. To wait for its turn to heat up…

7.38pm – Yeah… you are FINALLY changing the code! That’s how things should be!

7.43pm – Hello?? Anyone there??? Heeeellllloooo??!!!!! =.=”’ Great.

7.51pm – The king of this stage is FINALLY OUT!

8.04pm – After spending almost 6 hours of bringing us round and round. It was concluded that they have no idea what is the problem too. Let’s pack up, go and meet the lil’ hub and have dinner.

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