Blog #0359

8.17am – I don’t care what you both are arguing about but… not in the early morning please… It’ll be great if I can have some peace and quiet… (even if I’m about to be out of the house)

8.50am – Alright. Just move back home. You can take care of your house and save your breath on complaining whatever and whatever. I’ll probably be happier in a way too because I’ve got my privacy back. But of course I know that’s NOT going to happen because that DEAR son of yours, the DICTATOR,¬†will never allow it. That’s so sad. And whatever. I’m not going to get myself involved. I don’t have any say ANYWAY.

9.34am – Finally something happier! Time to visit the gynae and look at little milkie!

10.44am – 59kg, that’s me. Estimated around 2.5-2.6kg, that’s little milkie. The gynae scared me by saying that I can go and deliver today. *LOL* Anyway, all thing’s fine, and yes, it’s still anytime from now. But saw this lady who seems to need to go for a C-section today, to take out the baby, I supposed. Not really sure what happened but I do hope everything is fine. Got quite a scare when she started to cry after coming out from the gynae’s office just now.

12.25pm – Lil’ hub, I’ll be glad if in future, you remember to close the door after you leave or enter, especially when I’m sleeping. Because firstly, if your mum suddenly talk, with her volume of voice, she’ll woke me up. Secondly, it really ain’t easy for me to stand up, walk over to close the door, and go back to sleep with a position that I’m comfortable in.

2.18pm – Yeah. I got my wedding photo album from the photographer finally… Looks actually quite okay but I’m not recommending him to any other people. 5 months of waiting =.=”’ I seriously don’t care if I need it or not. You shouldn’t have let me waited that long. And I’m not told that by taking the raw photos, we’ll need to wait LONGER. Dumb ass.

3.20pm – Oh. You are still at home. I thought you are already out. Damn. They are going to repeat the same thing again. On the tenants. Let’s hide somewhere.

4.51pm – Why am I hungry again? I thought I just ate like… 2 hours ago?

6.31pm – Never use vacuum cleaner. Never use the wet tissue. Conclusion? Stone particles around the house. Sticky floor. TMD. Is it good to stay with the in-laws? No, I can reply you straight away. And even worse if you have the DICTATOR kind of husband. TMD.

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