Movie – The Dictator

It wasn’t a blockbuster movie, nor does it have any extremely famous casts but yet, I would say, it’s definitely a nice and funny comedy. Thumbs up for the director and crews!!

This comedy is about this ruler of the Republic of Wadiya, named Aladeen. Ever since young, he had been taught and ensured that there won’t be democracy in his country. He is a dictator.

Then one day, he was being invited by the UN assembly to New York to address some of the concerns regarding his nuclear program. But then when he reached there, something happened. His uncle, who had been trying to take over him, and changed the country into a democratic one, hired someone to kidnapped him and shaved away his “famous” beard. Without his beard, nobody recognizes him… and that’s where his uncle manipulates his “double body” (because ever since young, somehow, stupidly, the beard was there)

So while he was trying to get back to his life, he met this lady (starred by Anna Faris) who was very willing to help the needies. And with her help, and one of the person he ordered to kill previously (you’ll know why he’s still alive when you watched it), he attempted to expose his uncle’s plot and took back his country.

Oh yes, it’s definitely a comedy that sents you laughing almost all the way. There’s hardly a long part where you won’t be laughing your a** off!

But then, there might be some words that they said or used, which could possibly be a little racist or sarcastic. Of course, don’t take it to heart. After all, it’s just a comedy.

Will definitely recommend this movie if you need some brainless show to cheer you up, but yet without any storyline at all. Thumbs up for the director and its crews again!!

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