Blog #0361

9.26am – Sudden weight on head. Could it be the work stress that’s been put onto me early in the morning by my boss?

Didn’t manage to sleep early last night since we broke the promise of not playing D3 till after I give birth. Anyway, a friend brought us to this “pony land” in D3, which is supposed to be more friendly, cute and not so gruesome. BUT! In the end, I stopped playing after less than 5 minutes. Why? Because it’s even more gross than the usual killing of monsters. The land is indeed colourful, and the monsters are cute. But when you killed it, the blood just splurt around on the floor, with the heads, limbs, whatever flying ALL OVER. That’s about it. I think I’m more traumatized by this than the usual.

Well, we slept past midnight and I would say ithe sleep was¬†quite good. But I guess I needed more than that amount of sleep and couldn’t really wake up this morning. And the moment I stepped into the office, my boss asked me into her room. I can understand the urgency but… I’m not some kind of GOD. I can only say I’ll try, and that’s provided if I’m being helped and off-loaded in some other areas (which I hope I’ll be by now). Whatever it is, I can only try my best… So, let’s get cracking… *sulk*

10.56am – Damn with the stupid workflow. I really hate it… Change and change again.

11.11am – So last minute. Sigh… Let’s take a break. So tired.

12.24pm – Is that contraction again? *Pondering while waiting for food to arrive*

1.51pm – Back to work again.

2.08pm – Woohoo! I’m going to get a new lappie! Although it’s going to be ACER… but it’s alright. It looks quite sleek anyway. And it’s going to be a delivery pressie from my lil’ hub! I must say first, I never tell him or insist that I want. He just felt like buying it for me. Probably since it’s around my birthday anyway.¬†^^

3.26pm – Do not ask me anything and everything…

5.00pm – Just got out from the meeting. Time to go home soon. Did I forget to mention again? It’s my mum’s birthday today!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM! Eh… seems like little milkie’s birthday ain’t the same as yours already. Don’t think I’ll have sudden contractions now and deliver within the next 7 hours. *fingers crossed*

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