Thoughts – Appreciating Your Loved Ones

When was the last time you showed some appreciation for your loved ones?

I’m sitting on my bed now, recalling on the events that happened for the past few days (or weeks). Busy, busy and busy. Work is busy because I’m going for my maternity leave soon, and my boss had been trying to push something out before I’m away. Had been busy celebrating and eating for events, after events. Preparations had to be done to welcome the arrival of little milkie. But amid all these things, I never failed to remember those around me.

Well, what can I say… Though for the past months while I’m preggy, I’d had several arguments with the lil’ hub. Nonetheless, I can feel that he does appreciate those things that I did for him. And especially when he saw me having troubles sleeping because of the baby. He probably showed his appreciation and care in a slightly different way – such as carrying the things for me, giving in more often (seriously, his temper was quite short before that, and now there’s definitely some improvements seen), buying food for me if I craved for it etc. And at times, he’ll even thank me for those things that I did.

Yes, thanking a person. And telling that person “I love you”, especially if he/she is your spouse is something (to me) that I find it real important. So simple, but yet almost always one of the top most importance.

Sometimes, a hug, or a kiss, or a smile, a simple meal or some nice words that you said to the person, will greatly improve and show that you appreciate what they are doing, especially if they had been doing something for you. It doesn’t necessary have to be a present, or something expensive. And by doing and showing that you appreciate what they are doing, it not only brightens up their day (and probably yours too), but the relationship between the two of you will greatly improve.

So, if it’s been a long time since you did that, think about it, and do something soon. ^^

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