Blog #0362

10.01am – Wow! Before I realised, it’s already 10am! Time really flies when you are busy, and you actually do your work and is busy. *LOL* Anyway, need to finish quite a few things today, so I’m not going to spend time here, at least, not in the morning. So… back to work first! That’s the priority for today!

10.13am – Okay, done with the development. Left the testing… Should I do it now or later? Hmm… hmm… hmm…

10.33am – Alright, I’d decided. Let’s test during lunch time. At least, nobody will be around, and they won’t be affected. And for now, I’m taking a short break…

Let’s see… I woke up this morning, feeling both my hands and all my fingers a little numb, which I deduced is most likely due to the water retention that is affecting them today (and probably due to the 2 days of gaming). The rings seem a little tight as of this morning but I guessed right now it’s a lot better already. Nonetheless, I won’t be wearing it for today since I’d already hung it around the necklace that I’m wearing.

England and France had a draw and thus little milkie’s prediction ain’t always correct! Oh, I never mention huh? My sister is so =.=”’ and asked me to predict the results for the soccer match (of Euro 2012). And so I “asked” little milkie and for the first 2 games, the guess actually is correct. Duh huh? Well, who can really predict anyway… and I don’t like soccer.

10.48am – Sh*t. Missed that portion. Had to redo… Luckily I suddenly remembered… Otherwise, the consequences will be even worse…

11.27am – Swee… I think it should be more or less correct already… Let’s try later on…

12.22pm – Everybody is gone. I’m alone and doing the testing… Won’t be having my lunch till later, after I’m done with this. But now… it kept on loading… and loading… Something went wrong?

1.00pm – Left one more process to test… and my friend is SO free… Went D3’s AH to buy items. =.=”’

1.26pm – Everything also so last minute. How you all expect me to finish? I’m not God.

2.18pm – Back to office after a quick lunch at the canteen above. Going to try again… Let’s hope it works this time round! *PRAY HARD*

3.06pm – SUCKS! One minor mistake and I need to re-do and re-test! But it’s my mistake…

3.58pm – DONE! Now it’s just when to implement. Well, at least it’s done. So freaking tired.

5.37pm – Okay! Time to go home!

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