Thoughts – Life Goals

The topic is back once again. And again. And again. It’s definitely not the first time that the lil’ hub had brought it up for the past 5 years that I’m with him. And it’s also definitely not the first time that I’d repeated my views and advices to him again and again. And honestly, my point of view hasn’t changed at all, after all these years of knowing and being with him.

Life goals. Something which I deemed rather important for each and everyone. But something not everyone have. In fact, probably most people won’t have it.

Do you?

So what are life goals. To me, it’s a target or targets that one wants to achieve in his or her whole life. This target could change, as time goes by. But it shouldn’t differ by too much unless there’s a drastic change in your life, or in you. These goals, can be either long-term, or short-term. But whichever case it is, please be logical and make your goal an achievable one.

DO NOT set goals such as – I want to fly to the moon, unless either if you are freaking rich, or freaking smart to get into NASA or whatever.

For the lil’ hub, he had wanted to become a pilot. BUT when the opportunity comes, he didn’t really grab it, and only to regret it subsequently after that. So now that he’s soon-to-be over-aged and there’s almost a zero percentage chance of being a pilot, yet he still pins some hope in it, instead of moving on and continuing on other things. I do admire his “passion” for wanting to become a pilot. But in the current world of ours, one has got to be a little bit more realistic and not lived in their dream land (not that I don’t dream).

Without any goals, life seems a little meaningless to him. And I believe he’s not the only one. It’s just that probably for some of you, it’s completely alright to just live each day like that, without any targets in front, or things that you want to achieve. Well, I’m perfectly alright with your way of living as long as you don’t complain about it.

Think about it. If you are those kind that will complain about your life, I think it’s time you stop and think thoroughly before you move on. After all, always remember, you live only once.

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