Blog #0364

9.37am – Extremely full after a plate of totally not satisfying chee cheong fun and half a plate of western breakfast that’s simply splendid! Now… my brain is going into sleep mode. But the problem is… I’ve got a training at 10am. Damn. Wrong day to eat that full.

11.34am – Gee… I didn’t expect the training would take 1.5 hours instead of just 1. And I’m so freaking tired and thirsty… and… out of breath. Guess it’s quite normal. There’ll be another session tomorrow. And there’s no way I can extend the booking of the room. So now, I can only hope the time won’t exceed since there should be a lot lesser people.

1.12pm – This is so HOT! I wonder how my confinement will be like…

3.37pm – It’s a good day. Managed to clear quite¬†a few things. And I think it’s time to list out all the outstanding items to my boss (who won’t be in office for the rest of this week), in case I were to deliver anytime. Then at least, she won’t be @@ and has to wait for my updates on what’s still outstanding.

5.49pm – Done with the outstanding items. *PHEW* Let’s go HOME! Counting down…

7.15pm – It’s been at least 15 years since I last cut my finger nails to this length… I’m so not used to it. BUT! For the sake of my two babies, in case I scratched them, I will sacrifice my nails. After all… it will get longer in future still, right?

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