Blog #0366

11.01am – Was late for work, for 35 minutes today, and then subsequently rushing to prepare and set up for a training, and thus, didn’t have the time to come in and write.

11.15am – My brain is not working.

1.36pm – Back after lunch and my brain is still not working. Am I already in holiday mood? Just today and tomorrow, and I’m starting my maternity leave! So, I guess I must already be.

A whole list of projects are awaiting me to start it off. But seriously, do I have the time? And the list is still in my head. Considering the fact that my tummy is already “dropping”. Meaning, little milkie is really closed to the exit, which means most likely, it could be anytime soon. Or could it not?

3.09pm – Busy. Busy. Busy. *Looking forward to eating the sugar roll without sugar bought by my beloved sister!*

Let’s take a short toilet break. Busy. Busy. Busy.

3.52pm – Going for not-so-healthy food later on… *YUM YUM*

4.15pm – Sometimes, I really hate to go on long leave… Why? Because everyone will rush you like mad so that they don’t have to pend your work for you. And that if you are the slightly more responsible kind (like me), then you’ll end up trying to finish as many things as possible too. From this morning till now, I haven’t had a decent rest. Darn. And… I forgotten to take my multivitamin again. Urgh.

5.35pm – Okay. That’s it for today. I’m drained. And I don’t care if they have any complaints on the new workflow, though now I’m hearing them mumbling some already. But what to do. If you want to have audits, you’ll need workflow. Otherwise, kill the audits! Or, leave this company.

7.15pm – Sometimes, at some point in your life, you will receive weird emails that you don’t understand why was it directed to you. Nevertheless, life still goes on and so the only thing that you can do is laugh about it, pray that someone will handle it and let it pass.

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