Blog #0367

9.31am – Crap. I thought its going to be a nice little Friday since I’m going on my maternity leave starting next Monday. But CRAP AGAIN! Early in the morning when I was about to start blogging, instead of showing my website, it states that my domain had expired! Damn it! I already renewed it this May! That was about a month ago when I received the notification!

9.49am – Logged a ticket with high as priority. I hope they better get back to me soon. My mood is so no good because of this.

11.06am – Still no response from them. I don’t like this feeling of can’t get into my blog.

3.08pm – Okay! Time to start the handover. *COUGH*

4.26pm – So no mood to do anymore work. Hmm… *Look left, look right* How? Still got an hour to go…

5.46pm –¬†Muahahahaha… Muahahahaha… Must remain calm… Let’s call a cab. ^^

8.11pm РCRAP! Why is the ticket status on HOLD?!!! Never mind, shall rest for today and contact that stupid company tomorrow. 

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