Thoughts – Entrusting @ Work

Is that it?

So I finished handover everything?

Hmm… am I free now? *LOL*

Well, I’ll be going for my 12 weeks of maternity leave starting next week. And my boss had got in a temporary guy for 4-5 months, just to take over what I’m doing. And for the past 1 month plus, I’ve been guiding him along.

How time flies…

It’s time for me to take my leave, and I’ll need to entrust my work to this temp guy and my admin. Can I trust them?

This is definitely something that I had been wondering, especially recently. Though I’m still able to do my work while at home through VPN, there’s still limited things that I can do. And to do work while on leave, I doubt I’ll really like it, and that my boss and colleagues wouldn’t really want to do that either.

Anyway, I believe I’m not the only person that has this issue – to fully entrust your work to someone else, and trust that they can do it well. Why? Because I’ve got a friend who is exactly like me, the hands-on kind, and thus, most of the time, you will see us rather busy. But why is it that we don’t trust the people? Well, not that we can’t trust. It’s just that, it’s a little bit more difficult for us to trust them to do it well because probably firstly, we trust ourselves too much and believe that we can do it better. Secondly, sometimes, it’s a lot easier and faster to do it on your then to get someone else to do it (e.g. the temp guy kept asking me how to do it for almost every single step). Thirdly, the person that you are going to entrust your work to… SUCKS.

Alright, it’s definitely no good to be in this group because YOU will be the one suffering more. Time, time, time… where to get so much time?

Of course, there will always be people who are totally opposite from us. And these are the people who will probably enjoy a lot more, have a lot more free time, and maybe hated by their subordinates because everything and anything, they throw it to them. Sometimes these group of people can also be called “router”. I, sadly, do know and heard of such people too. They can be either really capable in doing the work, but just very good at delegating their work out. Otherwise, they probably only knows how to talk.

So have you known of anyone like that?

Sigh… I guessed for my case now, I can’t do much things but to close my eyes and pray that they can handle it. And by the time I’m used to it, hopefully they won’t kept on looking for me since I’m supposed to be on maternity leave right? Let’s see how things goes…

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