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Can I take today as the start of my maternity leave… … …?

YIPPEE!!! I’m having a 12-week holiday! WOOHOO! I’m FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! *LOL*

Anyway, went to visit the gynae early in the morning and my weight had hit 59.5kg! *Phew* Just another 0.5kg and I would have hit the 60kg mark. But it seems like recently, I ate A LOT more.

Earlier in the day, after visiting the gynae, we went to Wheelock to collect the freebies that we got from signing up with Cordlife – a Medela breast pump. And then after that, we dropped by to one of our favourite dining place – Tiong Bahru Market and had our usual Boneless Chicken Rice and my zhui kueh! We then went back home and played D3 for quite a while before heading out for dinner. Had wanted to eat bak kut teh but in the end, we went for KFC at Tiong Bahru instead.

That’s my day. My first day of leave. Hmm… I wonder if everyday will be like that. Will I be bored, while waiting for little milkie to come out? Really anticipating her arrival… I wonder… when when when…

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