Shopping – Chameleon @ Tiong Bahru Plaza

I’d been eyeing for this for quite a while. It’s just that, the previous time that I came here, it was way TOO packed, and seemed a little bit dangerous for a preggy lady to squeeze with those extremely not-giving-way aunties. Today, with not that many people, and for the fact that I have a reason (the lil’ hub needs it), it’s definitely a good chance to go in…

I just came out from the shop, Chameleon, which sells mainly hair and body accessories, such as hair bands, earrings, necklaces, clips etc. I had wanted to get a hair band that doesn’t break easily for the lil’ hub, for he had already broke at least 2 of my hair bands that I bought in Taiwan previously. And I don’t really want him to continue breaking it. (I used to wear 2-3 thin hair bands in different colours)

Anyway, there seems to be some clearance sale going on for quite a while. What they did is to pack a few things inside a plastic bag and sold it for $2/pack, which is definitely worth it! Because at times, the hair band itself would have cost at least $3. So in the end, we spent at least 30 minutes inside searching for mainly those packet with hair band that doesn’t break easily.

Just too bad that we wanted to go catch a movie and couldn’t stay long in there. Otherwise, I would have bought a lot more packets instead of just 4 packets!

Oh well, at least I managed to grab these 4 packets. Let’s see if I can manage to grab more in the next few days. Oh yes, haven’t said where the shop is. It’s located in Tiong Bahru Plaza, level 1, just beside the KFC. Easily located and accessible.

Nice place to shop for not-too-expensive hair and body accessories. But then again, if you are looking for extremely good quality accessories, probably you can skip this place. After all, you pay for what you get.

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