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Happy Fathers’ Day!

Oh yes, it’s Fathers’ Day today, and the lil’ hub is celebrating it early (of course I had to be fair since I pre-celebrated my Mothers’ Day too). Anyway, woke up relatively early this morning and woke my sister up as well. Bought some brunch back to my parents’ house while my sister got a cake. It’s just a simple celebration, but I supposed it’s good enough. The food is definitely yummy, which included popiah, carrot cake (black and white), fish ball noodle, bah chor mee, laksa, shredded chicken hor fun, half a chicken and a packet of vegetarian bee hoon! Isn’t it yummy? Are you drooling already? ^^

Well, that’s my breakfast cum lunch. And after that, we (to be exact it should be the lil’ hub, my sister and her friend) had a nice exercise in the gym and swimming pool. Too bad I can only hang around and watched them. Couldn’t really exercise or jump into the pool for the fear of little milkie suddenly popping out.

Oh well. It’s been a nice day spent though.

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