Food – Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood @ Causarina Road

I’m not sure if this place is famous for their seafood. But it sure is crowded everytime we passed by, especially on a weekend. I just finished my dinner at this restaurant (no air-con) called Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood restaurant, located along Causarina road, just beside the famous Causarina prata shop, with the lil’ hub, my sister and her friend. It wasn’t our initial plan to have our dinner here. Funnily, we had wanted to eat fish head soup, and we thought this was the restaurant. But only realised that it should be the one beside instead. We could have just left and headed for that restaurant but it seems rather empty for a dinner time. And thus, we decided to try it here instead. Thankfully and luckily, we came and reached relatively early at about 6pm for it was crowded with people half an hour later.

So straight to the point. Food?


We ordered 5 dishes, and seriously and honestly, I would give at least a 4 out of 5 for each dish that we ordered, especially their sweet and sour pork. *YUM YUM*

Service? Well, it’s definitely not too bad for a coffeeshop. The auntie that helped to take the order still told us not to order one dish in case we have to wait for a long time for that.

But then, due to the crowd, one might need to wait a bit slightly longer for the food to arrive. Again, as I mentioned, luckily we came slightly earlier. Nonetheless, we still waited for 20 minutes at least. I can only say, the good thing about it is, the food arrived more or less around the same time. Which is definitely a good point because there are some stupid restaurants that don’t cook all the food ordered by a table at the same time. Poor management.

I’ll definitely go back and eat again. And some day, probably their seafood. For now, since I’m preggy, the only seafood that I can really eat would probably be just fish.

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