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9.25am – Nice. The reply “what again?” isn’t going to help you gain any extra points. Sounded like as if i kept complaining to you about her. Fine. Be it then. I’ll just keep my mouth shut and everything to myself. I can’t say anything anyway! Point re-emphasized. You are making me sick.

9.55am – Why do u always have to call me crazy???????? *CRY*

10.03am – If you are going to make things worse, then please stay away from me. I don’t need you to come in and reprimand me, and call me crazy. If you think demanding a reason at the point where I’m so freaking emotionally unstable will make things better, I can only say you are brainless. And you indeed, IS brainless, for its not the first time that you did that. F***.

Why do I lock the door? It’s to prevent stupid people, like you, from coming in and disrupt the peace and calmness that I can gather, and in the end to make things worse. But you, for being the brainless you, ruin it again and again, and just made me feel worse everytime. Why??? WHY did your mum give birth to such a brainless you?

I feel so bloody tired…

11.22am – Sometimes, everything just doesn’t go your way. It’s my birthday eve. The lil’ hub is supposed to be celebrating my birthday with me today, and just us only. It’s already almost 11.30am. He’s still in his PJ. Not intending to prepare to go out. Great. We haven’t even choose the place yet. With him not wanting to reply anything at all doesn’t help. And I’m still quite sore about the episode earlier this morning!

11.30am – First day I’m not in the office and there seems to be some slight issues arising. Let’s just pray the both of them can handle it, while I’m not around.

11.45am – Great. Think my mood is somewhat spoiled for today…

1.25pm – Nowadays, food simply just brightens up my day!

10.26pm – It’s so nice to just spend the whole day with the lil’ hub. Though at times he can be damn bloody quite irritating, I guessed I chose him for some reasons, still. He is, indeed, quite entertaining. *LOL*

I LOVE YOU BEBE! Thanks for spending and celebrating my birthday earlier with me. ^^

*Thoughts: the sudden ups and downs of a preggy lady…*

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