Food – Kuishinbo @ Suntec City

After hours of thinking, the lil’ hub finally decided the place to have our lunch – Kuishinbo @ Suntec City! Had originally wanted to try the buffet lunch at Traders Hotel but then there’s only outside seats available. And with that dreadful weather these days, we gave up that idea and found the promotions for Kuishinbo. What’s the promotion? 60 minutes lunch @ $21.90! Applicable only at Suntec City and Jurong Point. So basically, as long as you finished eating the buffet within 60 minutes, they’ll charge you for $21.90++ instead of $28.90++. Seriously, it does makes a difference you know? Of at least around $15 for 2 person.

Well, we did, of course, make it in the 60 minutes mark. And the spread? It wasn’t as bad, and we definitely ate to our max! Although if you were to compare it with their dinner, their dinner spread consists of lots more varieties but it cost a lot more as well.

So what do we have here. A range of sushi, including their sashimi. Then they’ve also got their already cooked food, as well as those where you use the “clips” to choose the dishes you want (fried salmon, assorted vegetables and mushrooms, chicken and beef etc.). And they’ve also got some pastas fiesta going on (but we skipped that because it’s going to make us damn full easily). Lastly, their desserts!

The service was quite good too. Seeing my big big tummy, the waiter still make sure that the area wasn’t too cold for me and that it’s at a corner seat.

Overall, I’ll definitely go back and eat again if I’m available. Other than the location because it’s in a town area, which means you’ll have to deliberately go down, and pay for the ERPs etc., otherwise if you work around that area, it sure if a good way and place to have your lunch once in a while. Too bad there isn’t any branch near to my neighbourhood.

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