Movie – Prometheus

Didn’t really intend to watch this movie for the fear of getting a shock (since there’s supposed to be aliens, meaning it’s going to be some rather thrilling or horror movie) and then suddenly little milkie wants to come out. But anyway… since I’ve got the 1-for-1 GV movie voucher for my birthday, for being their member, we (or maybe it’s me) don’t really want to waste it and so, here we are, leaving Bishan Junction 8, after watching this movie – Prometheus, which has both a mixture of reviews from our group of friends.

So how was it? Well, both me and the lil’ hub actually thought the movie wasn’t THAT bad, according to some of the comments made from our friends. It wasn’t exactly that splendid too, probably due to the relatively many “loop-holes” in the storyline, after which we found out during the discussion on our way home. Still, it wasn’t that bad. But for the both of us, I guess it’s alright since we only paid $8.50 for it.

Anyway, this movie, starring Charlize Theron as Vickers (not the main lead though) – the only cast whom I know in this movie, and a few others, is definitely some kind of alien movie. It started with this human-lookalike alien standing on top of a waterfall with a spacecraft that is leaving. He then drank a cup of dark liquid and then suddenly began to disintegrate and fall into the rapid waterfall. From there, the cells seem to mutate itself and then another scene appeared, which is the year 2089. And there’s these archaeologist couple, who managed to find some similar form of drawings from different ancient cultures, all pointing to the same group of stars (in the sky), which they believed, could be the reason to how humans are formed, and that it’s signalling to them, to go and look for our creator.

And so, the scene moved to a few years later, where they were on board a spacecraft, called Prometheus, with a human robot, named David on board, and they reached the place where the drawings are pointing to. Vickers, as the director of this mission, warned the couple not to have any direct contact, shall there be any life forms on the planet. Of course, it was not exactly known what was the REAL purpose of their mission there. The couple, ignoring Vicker’s words, continued the expedition excitedly with the rest of the crew.

With that, a group of them alighted Prometheus and headed for the structure that they managed to find on the planet. And in that structure, they found a decapitated alien’s head and an area where there’s a lot of artifacts. But then suddenly things began to change and they received a warning from the captain to return to the spacecraft immediately as a storm is approaching. So, they had no choice but to quickly return. Of course, they weren’t really that fast for the storm and something DID happen there. Furthermore, 2 members who wanted to leave earlier didn’t return as well… and that’s where the story begans to unfold…

Of course, after the whole movie, you will find that there’s still a lot of questions left unanswered. And there’s also quite a few things which you’ll find it bizarre and probably funny too.

Overall, I would say it’s alright to watch it, as long as it’s not on a weekend. Don’t expect too much. It’s definitely not a blockbuster movie. There’s quite a few disgusting scene though (from what I heard from the lil’ hub), which I’d covered my eyes to prevent myself from getting a scare or nightmare.

If by now, you haven’t gone to the movie to watch, I think you can skip it. Try and rent a DVD to watch instead in future.

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