It could be anytime from now and yet I’m still contemplating between going for a natural delivery or caesarean. It’s scary, definitely for me, for either methods.

The doctor (he strongly supports natural birth) had advised me to go for natural birth unless if something crops up. After all, according to him, the wound will normally heal faster and furthermore, the whole cost is cheaper. But then it might give you the pain of your life, if you decided to proceed without any pain relief. My tolerance level for pain is extremely low, thus that option is out. However, I’ll go jelly with the sight of needles, and shudder just thinking about it.

Thus, with that in mind, I considered the option of going for caesarean. After all, it sounded easy. Just numbed either half of your body, or sleep throughout, and you’ll wake up with the baby beside you. Sounds really easy right? But how about the wound and the pain after that? And those stories that you heard where friends get to feel the doctor’s hand going into the womb when they are on epidural (lower half body numbed). O.O”’

With just 2 weeks away from my EDD, and I’m still the usual indecisive me, I’d decided that I will go for the natural delivery unless due to some unforeseen circumstances, then I’ll go with the caesarean. Whatever the case is, I guess I’ll just leave it t my doctor. That probably make things a lot easier…

BUT, just a small “but” which the doctor had pointed out. In the event if I were to go for natural birth on the actual day but for some reasons, after that then I go for cesarean due to complications in the middle of the process, I’ll need to pay the price for both delivery methods. Hmm… something to *ponder*

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