Thoughts – Birthday @ 32

It’s been a nice little Tuesday today, my 32nd birthday so… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!

How was the day? DEFINITELY better than last year. Don’t you remember? I worked on my birthday last year, and shortly after that, I left that company. Now, it’s a year later. How time flies.

Well, too bad that little milkie ain’t having the same birthdate as her mum. But it’s alright. Let’s see if she’ll have the same Chinese birthday as both her mum and grandmum – targetting next Monday on the 25th June. ^^

So what have I done today? Let’s see…

Waking up early in the morning at about 8am, and then the lil’ hub sent me to parents’ house where I rotted for half a day without doing much things other than having a nice little breakfast. Then subsequently after that, we (with the parents, godmum and the little nephew) went for lunch at the Swensen’s @ Compasspoint. It sure is tiring to have a little kid around, especially one that demands food, and more food (quite funny at times when you see how much he eats). Then subsequently we went to the library for a short while, before heading back home where I “slammed” at the customer service officer of that stupid company.

By then, it’s already almost dinner time. And then you heard some cries from the little nephew and realised that he’s been a little too naughty and thus beaten by his grandma. Hmm… kids nowadays…

And then we waited… and waited… for the lil’ hub to come back before it’s time to blow the candles! That’s about it. I’m 32 years old! And am really glad that everyone around me is still healthy and happily staying together. Hope it will stay that for a loooooooooooooooong period of time. Of course, it’ll get even better! Because little milkie is coming out really soon!

Thanks to all the peeps for the well wishes too! Love you guys lots!

P/S: Thanks for the ang baos, and the lappie (my D3 character stop jerking already!) from lil’ hub, and the coach bag (a small sling bag!) from my dearest sister! ^^ Both of which I had wanted to get sooner or later.

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