Blog #0372

8.38am – *You can feel the sarcastic tone in┬áher voice. As if it’s reprimanding you, and you, for (always) throwing away things without checking it carefully…*

I did check. There’s no such things. So just shut up and stop nagging early in the morning please… =.=”’

8.42am – See… there’s isn’t such a thing… Shit… Nagging will continue either tonight or tomorrow morning. Damn it.

9.17am – Still sleeping… Back at parents’ house. Let’s set things up, and get things cracking! Or should I grab people to go shopping out today again? Hmm…

10.23am – Hungry… Need to search for food. Luckily I bought Hello Panda biscuits yesterday.

11.36am – Freaking hot weather… but at least my stomach is filled!

1.53pm – Had a really short nap and my not so full lunch. So… what am I going to do now? Hmm… realised that even though I’ve got quite a bit of time, I don’t feel like doing anything other than rotting around. And time really flies when one is rotting.

5.04pm – Felt so much better after taking a quick shower. Somehow, the weather’s only slightly better after the heavy rain a few hours ago. Now it seems to be back to that humid, relatively high level temperature. I’m so glad there’s the invention of the air-conditioner. Can’t wait to go home and stay cool in the room. But hmm… come to think of it… Maybe it’s the invention of such machines, that caused global warming, and thus such hideous weather? So ultimately, it’s still the fault of humans. Sigh…

5.58pm – Received an emergency call to settle some of the things at work. Sigh… sad to know that people are still pushing the blame when (1) they are the ones who never attended the training or (2) they are the ones who never listen carefully.

6.23pm – It’s only the 2nd day at home but why do I feel so bored… so bored till I don’t exactly feel like doing anything at all, especially in that weather. I think… it MUST be because of the weather.

6.55pm – Starting to have a headache… must be the DARN weather. Better drink more water to prevent myself from dehydration.

7.03pm – Feels like eating curry instant noodle… Oh yes, tonight got sugar roll. But I still feel like eating curry instant noodle, preferably with egg.

9.27pm – What is the point of waking her up? It’s rather rude, you know? I can clean it on my own. Telling her is useless because you told her before. So, will this time make any difference?

9.57pm – Just saw a news on an argument between a young girl and an old lady on the MRT. Apparently the old lady (probably in her 50’s only) asked the young lady to give up the “privileged” seat, in which the girl did. But after that, the old lady continued to nag at her until the young girl couldn’t take it and asked her what she want. Then the old lady started scolding and apparently took a picture of her. And then it continued… Who’s fault? I think it’s that of the old lady. Seriously, it’s okay to ask for seat, and if that person gave his/her seat to you, take it with grace. Why continue to nag? And it seems like initially the young girl already tried to avoid arguing with her by ignoring her. Sigh…old doesn’t mean you got the power to scold people. Likewise, old doesn’t give you the power to cross the road without checking the safety. The brainless mentality of quite a number of “ki-ki” old people in Singapore.

10.08pm – Felt like sleeping. Supposed to play D3 already but am still waiting for the lil’ hub to finish writing his complaint. Yes, he and his (lots of) complaints. Sometimes I wonder if he’s… doing a bit too much…

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