Blog #0374

The day had passed and is almost over, just as fast as it came. No, I haven’t deliver yet, and there still isn’t any sign of it, not even a little bit. And tomorrow morning, we’ll be seeing the gynae again.

So what have I done today? As usual, rot. Just… with a little bit more thinking done – especially on my websites. Not this one, of course. By far, this is one which I’m most satisfied with, and don’t really feel like changing. It’s the rest of it…

I’d always wanted to create lots of websites, partly because I like to design, and partly because I’ve got a wide (too many in fact) varieties of interests. But alas… I realised that I kept failing because of ONE main thing – time. Either due to poor time management or just because of my current state of mind, to maintain so many websites ain’t really the best option. And so… I’d finally decided. To just focus on ONE – WHIM@WDL, and combine whatever that I have previously and future to this website. After all, that will be where the “creative” and “too many interests” side of me will reside. While the more “reserved” and the “need for simplicity and peace” me will just continue ramble out my thoughts, to keep myself balance.

Good idea? That means I’ll probably only have 2 websites to maintain – Blog & Whim. The 2 sides of a Gemini.

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