Blog #0375

9.13am – HAPPY “DUMPLING” DAY! Time to enjoy and eat a piece of nice, juicy dumpling!

10.24am – Oh. Apparently I’ve been having contractions and that I didn’t realise it. Oops.

And I thought it’s little milkie trying to squeeze her way out instead. Oops.

This is SO funny! *LOL*

I better start taking note from now on… Otherwise, I won’t be surprise if suddenly she just popped out!

Current statistics:

My weight – 60kg (damn, I still hit that 60kg mark)

Little milkie’s weight – 2.8kg

Week – 38 (anytime soon… real soon…)

12.40pm – Porridge. Porridge. And porridge again… WHY always porridge in the weekend?

4.40pm – Should I take a short nap? Hmm… but I don’t seem that tired today… Felt like eating ice-cream wrapped with bread though.

9.29pm – Somehow… I have a feeling… the D-Day is coming soon…

10.10pm – It’s almost the end of the “Dumpling Day”. Have you eaten one yet? Remember to peel it off on your own, it’s supposed to mean that you’ll have a “looser” pocket, meaning, more money to spend! *YUM YUM*

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