Food – Kungfu Paradise @ Bedok Point

Recommended by a friend to try this Hong Kong style kind of restaurant located at Bedok Point, level 1. It’s basically near the entrance, so you probably won’t get to miss it. Well, since I’d never tried before, and knowing that if my confinement were to start, I’ll probably be stuck at home feeling bored and tired for quite a while, trying something new at this point is certainly one of my choices. And so, even though the lil’ hub ain’t that willing to travel that far just for a dinner, he don’t really have much of a choice since his still-preggy wife wanted to go for it.

Anyway, we did order quite a number of food, and theĀ custard buns were highly recommended by this friend. At the same time, another friend of mine also posted a picture of these custard buns on his FB (such a coincidence), except that he is at the branch at Bugis instead. Well, is it nice? Yes! The custard buns came in hot and soft, with the custard inside still relatively watery. The taste is definitely good.

I ordered a plate of fried beef kway teow as my main dish. Good? Yes yes, it’s not too bad. Definitely smells good when it first came. And it came with the small chopped red chilli. Some of the other food that we ordered included bake rice, dried noodles, fried chicken wings, peanut french toast and a plate of Kungfu salad. All of which I find it nice except for the salad. I don’t thinkĀ I’ll recommend it for there’s no sauce at all – just chicken and vegetables. My favourite is still caesar salad.

Located at Bedok Central, Bedok Point is about 10-15 minutes walk from the Bedok MRT, and it’s along the MRT track. So it’s definitely quite accessible.

As for the price, well… generally most of the main course cost between $7.90 – $10.90. There’s only a handful that cost more than $10.90. But for one, the varieties doesn’t seem to be a lot, compared to some of the other Hong Kong style restaurants.

Can give it a try if you haven’t but be warned, there really isn’t anything extremely special. It probably is just another Hong Kong style restaurant.

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