Shopping – Mini Princess @ Bedok Point

The shop is all PINK and it definitely caught my eyes the moment I came down from the escalator. Am I buying something for little milkie? NO! *LOL* Although that thought did come across my mind for a short while. But then, now it’s a little bit too early to buy lots of things for her right? After all… maybe she don’t like all these accessories? Moreover, her vain mummy already has a lot! (And I really mean a lot)

Mini Princess, is a shop that sells mainly pinky stuffs, for young girls basically. And it’s just too bad for my friends that theirs is a baby boy, and I had to selfishly let them wait for me for a short while, while I took a quick glance in the shop. And it really is quick, for I already skipped the clothes section, and am only looking at the accessories section.

Yes, I’m actually looking for something though – bangles. Why? Because once upon quite a long time ago, I bought some bangles from Mini Princess before and it fitted my hands and arms – not too big nor too small. But then I couldn’t find it in that shop. That’s where I found this – the not-so-new-anymore kind of rubber bands.

I’d never tried it before and I thought the bunch of pinkish one looks rather sweet. And it cost only $1.50 for 4 bands. So, to satisfy part of my retail therapy, I bought it. There’s other colours though, and definitely a lot of other accessories, such as hair bands, earrings, rings etc. for young children. And some of the price looks reasonable too.

By the way, it’s located at the basement one of Bedok Point.

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