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Oh yes, it’s this topic once again – renting out a house. I may not had mentioned it in details in my blog, but for the past months, this topic repeatedly kept on surfacing up back at home. Why? For the fact that my MIL rented her flat to a group of, well… slightly problematic tenants.

So are you expecting anything when you decided to rent your house, or part of your house out?

My MIL is trying to rent her house out again, after the 4 China students decided to leave suddenly about a month ago. And this time round, I kept warning my lil’ hub to rent it with MORE considerations, and not to rush into it, like the previous time, for the fear of things repeating again (complaints and nagging). My lil’ hub, who doesn’t really want to get involve this time, just smartly threw it to his mum, who (I realised) actually is the one attempted to throw it to the lil’ hub in the first place. Sigh… a minor case of trying to shirk responsibility. But never mind about that.

Anyway, in the end, the MIL had no choice but to handle it on her own, and choose her own tenants this time round. I DO hope she chooses it with careful considerations, since she’s the one who mentioned just now that she don’t want her tenants to be smokers.


Why do you have to care if you are not staying there with them?

Basically, to me, IF you ever want to rent a whole house out, there’s ONLY mainly 2 things that you need to seriously consider – will they disturb the neighbours and will they be able to pay up? That’s about it. Cleanliness? *Cough* Just make sure it’s still in “live-able” mode when they hand the house back to you. Otherwise, dude, JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES AND RENT IT! But of course, best to state everything in black & white on the kind of conditions when handling back.

If it’s just renting out a room, then yes, I would advise people to be a little bit more picky in choosing their tenants. After all, you’ll get to see them daily.

Sigh… Seriously, I need to pray really hard that the tenants she found are good. Otherwise, imagine her sneakily doing a “spot check” every time when she’s back to open the letterbox. Goodness…

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