Blog #0377

Another day is going to pass soon. Doubt little milkie will be coming out today either. There goes the same Chinese birthday as your mummy and granny! Oh well, I guess she’s real comfy inside my tummy.

Today had been another day of rotting, except that it’s with the lil’ hub. He had taken the day off not for any real purpose but we did manage to finish at least one relatively useful thing – him seeing the skin specialist. Other than that, well… we didn’t end up eating at the Thai food which he suggested due to parking issue. Then the sales that I wanted to go had ended. We settled for something quite new though, at Rajah Inn (Tiong Bahru Plaza). Porridge buffet @ $6.90++ per person, which is about $8.10 after adding the service charge and GST. It’s not too bad.

We skipped the movie (Madagascar) since the air time is rather late at 3pm (have to wait for about 1.5 hours), so we headed to my parents’ house. And from there, we (or mainly him) watched a Taiwan drama until 8pm before the lil’ hub bear to part with it. FYI, he watched that drama before. That’s my day. Will probably continue it with some D3 later. As for the lil’ hub, he’s at the “Meet the MP session” now. For what? Let’s just say he did something extra last year, and with the c*ck up government bodies, he had to clear up some sh*t now. *LOL*

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