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8.15am – It’s a Tuesday morning, and once AGAIN, I’m STILL around! Yippee! Erm… Hmm…

Seriously, it doesn’t seem that fun anymore to guess when little milkie is going to come out. I’m already in my week 38-39, and she really seems to be very comfy inside. Of course, I wouldn’t want to rush her to come out, she can just take her time. BUT, the anticipation is somewhat killing me (and maybe the rest of the people). And since, it’s been almost a week after I started my maternity leave, and that I had been rotting most of the time instead of doing something useful. I FINALLY decided that from TODAY ONWARDS, I shall not waste my time by just purely waiting… I need to get things cracking, and as if I’m not waiting. Yes, that’s the agenda for today. PLAN & EXECUTE!

8.50am – Mum, no no. Don’t go buy those recycle bags please. I’ve got lots in my mum’s house, and I deliberately used it to bring the dirty clothes over everytime so that there won’t be any spares. And mum, yes, there’s be bags given. It’s just that… probably those (cheaper) things that you buy, well… they don’t and confirm will not give.

9.21am – Let’s see if I can get my stomach filled first before I start my engine. GOOD MORNING!

9.35am – Milo and cereal for the first part of breakfast. Mum just woke up. Later will probably eat one more piece of bread. Little milkie’s awake and having hiccups now. *Pat pat*

9.43am – Flipping through the online shopping website again. You know, sometimes, you simply don’t need that thing. But you just want to buy for the sake of buying. Sigh… the problem with not being able to shop. I mean, I can shop but there’s mainly 2 concerns. Firstly, I can’t walk for too long as it’ll cause an extremely bad water retention in my feet and legs. And it’s not as if it isn’t as bad already. Secondly, I don’t want to shop for maternity clothes. Definitely not at this point when I’m about to deliver. But it’ll be weird if I were to shop for my “normal” size right? So… what can I do? *Continues to look at the online shop*

11.29am – The weather is freaking hot. Drawing the curtain in my room and blasting the fan doesn’t seem to help much, as droplets of perspiration formed on my forehead. Damn.

12.41pm – So cute! My little nephew just came in, tapped me on my arm and pointed me to ask me to take my lunch, after my parents called me out a few times. And the thing is, they never ask him to call me! He came in on his own! Smart little boy ^^ Teaching, I always believe children can learn a lot of things even at a very young age. So talk to them in human language, and not the “goo goo ga ga”. And talk to them as much as possible!!

1.29pm – Realised that it probably isn’t really that easy to do your own things, especially if you have to look after a baby or a kid. I’m still carrying little milkie in my tummy, but I’ve got my little nephew hanging around in my house at least half of the day while I’m here. And during that period of time, somehow, you’ll just spend it with him unknowingly. So… that’s it. That’s why everytime the mums and dads will say, “once you have a kid, you won’t have time for yourself.” I guess that’s what happened to almost everybody, who loves their children.

Gee… better take the time now to do my own things while the little one went back to sleep. ^^

1.38pm – Suddenly the whole environment seems so much cooler as the dark clouds covered the sun. Let’s pray that it’s going to rain soon and bring the whole temperature down. *Pulls up the curtain*

2.35pm – The dark clouds left. The rain stopped after falling for only about 15 minutes. And now the sun is back out again… =.=”’ *Draws up the curtain again* Let’s go for a quick shower…

4.03pm – Batteries of 2 watches changed! Left one… Need to bring it to Esprit. But doubt this will be done soon. Maybe after giving birth to little milkie and when I’m a bit more mobile. For now… it’s time for tea break!

5.51pm – Just woke up from a nap and received a news from my admin – me and her probably will need to shift our seats, to where I first sat when I started working.

6.57pm – Gee, I actually sold 2 items today in D3! A total of 6 items! Such a sense of satisfaction. *LOL* Sometimes, it’s simply just now because of the amount you earned, but the fun of it.

10.08pm – Maintenance for D3 so now… I can only surf the internet. AH! Forgot to bring the Macromedia CD to install in this lappie. Or should I really make this lappie as a gaming one?

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