Blog #0381

9.21am – After almost a whole day of constant contractions yesterday (which I guessed it should be the Braxton Hicks), little milkie is still happily comfy in my tummy! *LOL* Hmm… I wonder if I should try and convince my mum to go out today. I’m so darn bored. Today is Friday and I’d already messaged the temp guy. If he never reply, then that’s it. I’m not going to help on anything. Woohoo! It’s the start of another counting of contraction day! I seriously wonder if I’ll missed all the cues for the signs of labour.

9.24am – Yeah! No work today!

10.19am – (Me): Which law states that preggy lady can’t go out to shop? (Mum): *smiling* My law…¬†(Me): =.=”’ *let’s “attack”¬†from dad’s side later…*

12.03pm – I’m OUT! *LOL* See you guys!

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