Food – Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf @ Iluma

I’m FINALLY out after being grounded for almost 2 weeks! *Phew* So glad that I still can “attack” from my dad’s side. Otherwise I probably will be bored to death at home once again. But anyway, I didn’t expect it to be that tiring to walk for just an hour or two.

We came out from the house at around 12pm, and then walked for just 30 minutes before we sat down for lunch. And then 1-2 hours later, I can feel the strain on both my legs and feet already.

Anyway, now we (my parents and I) are comfortably sitting down at the Coffee Bean @ Iluma, sipping our drink and having some cakes. This is what I called, “Enjoying Life”. ^^

Well, Coffee Bean had been around for some time, but this branch in Iluma, it’s definitely relatively new. As probably some of us would know, there’s a minor internal renovation being done to Iluma recently. I guessed it’s due to the fact that somehow, the shopping centre just doesn’t seem to draw much crowds for some reasons. But after this slight renovation, I did feel that there seems to be more people, and the shops are definitely better than the previous.

I’m not a fan of coffee, so I can’t say much about the taste of it. But for their hot chocolate, it wasn’t too bad. I won’t say so much for the cakes that I ordered though – both chocolate cakes. One is a little too dry, and the other,… hmm… can’t exactly pin-point what is missing, but it’s not really as nice.

The ambience was alright. It’s located at level 1 of Iluma, right in the middle and there’s no way you will miss it. There weren’t a lot of seats, and for a weekday afternoon, I seriously wonder how come Coffee Bean is relatively packed. Don’t all these people need to work?

If you find that Bugis Junction is a little too pack. This is definitely a nearer and better place to get away from the crowds and find some seats to have a rest.

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