Thoughts – Signs of Labour

I wished so much that someone could have guided a bit more on this part. When should one go to the hospital in the case of real labour?

I don’t need to know about the obvious, such as water bag bursting or there’s blood coming out. What about the frequencies of the contractions? Strength? How painful is it going to be?

I know it’s very difficult for one to tell, as different people experienced a totally different kind of pregnancy and labour. I’ve got friends who had cesarean, where they just fixed a date. I’ve got friends who’s water bag burst. My mum told me it’s really very painful, like those where you have diarrhoea and have to go to the toilet immediately. The gynae (a male) told me if the contractions is once every 30 minutes, just for precaution, one can also go in to check. Wow… so what now?

I’m lying on my bed now with the lil’ hub already asleep after we google-d and decided that most likely it’s just normal contractions, and nothing to worry about. Yes, I’ve been having contractions once every 20 minutes for the past 2 hours. Nothing painful, just normal tightening of the womb. And I think I can sleep through it. If it’s real labour, I doubt I can do that right? O.O?

See, that’s the problem. It’s so late already and I’ve got no one to ask and confirm. The information on the Internet varies TOO much.

So after at least an hour of discussion, we finally decided to ignore as long as I can sleep.

BUT don’t do that if you haven’t pack all your necessary things. For us, all we need is to just grab and go, since everything is already packed in 2 bags. And DON’T do that if your hospital is a little far away from where you are. Mine is just around a 20 minutes drive if there’s not much traffic. And also, it depends on the degree of pain that you can tolerate. I, honestly admit that I’m one who can’t tolerate pain. So I supposed if the pain is really that excruciating like what a lot had described (and therefore they chose to use epidural or some other forms of pain reliever), I don’t think I will wait too long before I head out for the hospital.

Sigh… first baby. Second one probably won’t be as bad anymore. *Tries to sleep*

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