Blog #0382

The time is 1.46am and I’m still fully awake. Thanks to the left-over pizza from earlier on, and the two naps that I had today. Somehow, the mood doesn’t seem extremely good. Maybe the hormones are playing games again.

Had been surfing the Internet for the past hour and went through some crafting websites. Sigh… Where’s mine? And when am I starting on all those projects that I had in mind?

With little milkie coming out anytime (she’s happily wriggling and poking my ribs now), I hadn’t really got the mood to start anything, and not even planning out my schedule for I know once she’s out, everything will be disrupted. But yet, a large part of me is dying to start it.

D3 is another cause of the delay. I’m playing the game with the lil’ hub almost every night and that had definitely took up bulk of the time. The only thing I’m glad is, we had already level up to the max, and currently there’s only the Inferno difficulty left which we most likely won’t be able to pass unless we change a lot of our items. So for now, it’s more of just farming and earning the money (or gold).

And my sister and cousin went for the Grasshoppers’ concert today! Too bad I couldn’t go… But it’s okay. Sis mentioned that they’ll be holding one in Hong Kong in October this year. Hmm… Will I bear to leave little milkie with my parents and go for a short 4D3N trip? Will my parents agree to it? Hmm… 3 months. Too young to bring her overseas.

Okay, shall think about it tomorrow and try to sleep now with little milkie still extremely active. The lil’ hub is already snoring away…

You know, sometimes I just think… Maybe I’m not fated to have a June baby… But it’s okay! ^^ I shall have a happy, healthy and adorable July baby then! Little milkie! Come out soon!

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