Blog #0383

8.36am – Damn. Got a fright early in the morning, thanks to my MIL again. Does she have to peep out of her room (today showing just her head) everytime I come out of my room? And the worse thing is, she still can laugh about it! PUI! Stop scaring me, mum! Let’s hope this will be the LAST time. I told her not to just peep out or suddenly appear out of nowhere because I’m not wearing my spectacles, so I can’t see very clearly. If she’s in her room, come out after I walked pass her room. Sigh… I’m only glad she’s not having her long hair nowadays and the sky is already bright.

2.46pm – Another boring day… or should I say… tiring day… Hmm… I never do anything at all, but why do I forever felt so sleepy?

4.07pm – Woke up from my afternoon nap. Nice weather to sleep…

5.51pm – Nice day with a nice weather. At least half of the time, the weather is cooling and it’s raining. I just finished bathing, and am now putting a mask. Life’s good.

6.33pm – Bills paid. Bathed. Ate the apple. Put the facial mask. Checked out auction on D3. Finished online shopping (damn it, I’m SO hooked!). News read. What should I do now? What should I do now? Bleh… *walk here, walk there, looks at least of things to do… no mood*

8.29pm – Cousin’s wife just mentioned and told us to set up the baby’s playpen etc. Maybe, just maybe… it will be damn amazing if after setting up, little milkie is out tomorrow! Hmm… shall go do that in a while. LITTLE MILKIE! Quickly come out! ^^

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