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6.50am – Am I scared? Oh yes, I sure am… 2 more hours and I’ll need to do some CTG to check if everything is okay with the baby. What happens if the Gynae wants the baby out today? O.O”’ GA. Cesarean. I’m a mum. Breast feed. Little milkie. Oh gosh. Am I ready??? O.O”’ *Prays that everything is okay*

8.24am – On our way there, heavy traffic.

9.45am – I’m currently lying and strap onto the bed, with some form of detector or loudspeaker on top of my tummy to amplify the sound of little milkie’s heartbeat. It’s so cute. It sounded like a horse running. I got the lil’ hub to record it down. I’m supposed to click on a button if she kicks. Hmm… I’m doing a CTG now, and I’m going to be lying down here for at least the next 30 minutes.

10.03am – The nurse said no contraction as of now, yet. Shall need to wait and see.

10.13am – Okay! No need to do. TOTALLY NO contraction at all. Going to see the gynae now.

10.44am – Just left the hospital. Well, baby’s perfectly normal and fine, and I presume she’s still happily and comfortably enjoying her life inside, so much so she didn’t want to come out (so cute). Anyway, the doctor said that he will keep her at most until next Wednesday (11 July 2012). We will need to go down this coming Saturday to do another CTG (which cost $50, cheap?). Firstly, to see if there’s any contraction and secondly to ensure that little milkie is not in any distress. And then of course, will need to see if my cervix has dilated. As of now, its only a 2 out of 10, which means even if induced, it might not open up. And what’s more, naughty little milkie’s chin is still tilting up, so if it’s going to be a natural birth, it might be long too. SO, doctor suggested coming in on Saturday, and if still not open, then probably asked me to go in this Sunday and put me on medication, and then deliver (most likely through cesarean) little milkie on Monday. Unless, that is, she comes out on her own these few days.So little milkie, you better try and come out of your own before that! Or at the very least, show some signs that you want to come out of your own on Saturday during the CTG even though you normally did it only at night!

3.53pm – Time to take a short nap.

5.13pm – Diarrhoea… Third time already…

8.32pm – Finished dinner. Now going to rest a while before playing D3. Stomach still a bit weird. Must be the lunch.

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