Thoughts – Date of Birth

Everyone have their own religions and such. For me, I consider myself as a free thinker. Not that I don’t believe that God doesn’t exist. I do believe, and that I believe that there probably is more than one God, or that there’s more than one images of God.

Little milkie is still not out yet, though the last time that we measured (that was at least 4 months ago), her last EDD date was on the 3 July 2012, which is today. Supposedly it should be due? No, I wouldn’t exactly say that because the gynae had kept telling us that the EDD is the first week of July. So technically speaking, she’s not overdue yet.

Anyway, I just reached my parents’ house and was greeted by my Godmum and the little one. And then my Godmum told me that my Uncle had spoke to his “master”. Let’s just say that it’s been quite a long while since he started meditating and communicating with the Gods above, and that his “master” had told him that little milkie is comfy inside my womb, and will only come out naturally on her own this coming Sunday, which is the 8 July 2012, i.e. if there’s no human interference in between. Meaning, if I don’t decide to just do a C-sec tomorrow or anything.

Gee… decisions again?

Truthfully, if you were to ask me. Since I’m a person that, most of the time, believe that some of the things are destined to be. And now that I’d heard these words, I would, try as much as possible, without compromising the health of little milkie, to let her come out of her own. After all, the kind of child (or children) that lil’ hub and I should have, would best (from my point of view), be best to be determined by God.

Anyway, it’s going to be this Sunday right? Which is just a few days away… I think we can wait for that…

And like what Joey said, when some things are not meant to be (e.g. choosing a damn good date for your baby), somehow, something will happen and it’s not going to happen.


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