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6.41am – Am awake again…

9.21am – It’s really, and EXTREMELY frustrating when one moment, you are happily on your way to your parents’ house, and the next, some idiotic fickle-minded pig told you that “Oh yes, we will hold the baby shower in our own house.” WTF?!!!! I thought we HAD gone through that discussion and had ALREADY DECIDED where to hold, and how to go about doing it?!!! GREAT! And ONLY NOW you are telling me that it doesn’t make sense to hold it at my parents’ place. HAH! FYI, I’m doing my confinement there, are you going to start telling me that it’s not logical too?!

I’m really beginning to hate your side of the family for being SO troublesome. Want to see the house. Want to see the baby. Want this, want that. I should have just hold that housewarming previously. But GOSH, how many times do you want me to say that our house is pathetically not-so-big, and yet that side of your family is HUGE! AND you still want to hold it in our house? Gee… can you start using that gigantic-size brain of yours, since you always commented that the size of the brain should be proportional to that of your head?!!

And yes, of course it’s so easy for you to just SWITCH your decision because you know WHY? You ain’t doing anything at all?! Have you planned anything as of now, yet? No! Why? Because it’s a month later. Will you plan it a month later? No! Why? Because you will just push everything to me! Or my nice sister will just help you with the catering and such, and you just need to happily smile and eat. And do you know why I’m so pissed off? Because I’ve already got a lot of things planned out, and now your ONE statement just destroyed EVERYTHING!


9.50am – Cool down… Cool down…

10.14am – Let’s indulge in some food to cool yourself down! After all, it’s a Friday and one shouldn’t be so pissed! FOOD! DIM SUM! HERE I COME!

11.52am – Yummy! Indulging delicious dim sum at Yum Cha now with my parents, godmum and little nephew. See that cute little rabbit on my dessert? I’m so going to try and create that out! It’s so cute!!!

3.24pm – Celebrating breadtalk’s 12 years anniversary with them by buying a cake, and then singing the “Happy Birthday” song for the little nephew. He simply loves it!

4.10pm – Thankfully it’s just a short circuit, and not some kind of fire. The niece was itchy-handed, and stepped on the sofa to play with a light which we usually don’t switch it on. My dad saw a spark and asked her to switch it off, and come down immediately. I was trying to charge my hp in my sister’s room (as usual) but to no avail. Weird. The switch was on but yet my hp couldn’t charge. My dad walked in and I asked him to take out the charger for me. I went back into my room and alas… something is missing… my deskie is off! And there’s only one reason for that – there’s a short circuit in my house.

Sigh… luckily the second uncle knows which switch to push. My niece? Sigh… and she still happily want to go and touch that same light again.

5.58pm – Urgh. Almost 300k+ of gold got stuck in the auction hall of D3. How?… I did a search on Google and apparently I’m not the one. The bad news is… theirs got stuck, and now it’s still stuck. Damn it. It’s 300k+ worth of gold! I need to farm at least 3 days! =.=”’

7.47pm – Hmm… 8 July (Sunday) around noon time? So what time will I be admitted? Heehee…

11.52pm – The lil’ hub just reminded me. Have I already collected the 300k+ worth of gold? And that I’d forgotten? Ah… I seriously can’t recall anything on that at all!

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