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6.25am – I seriously wonder what kind of handphone my neighbour (suspected the one staying above) is using. Almost everyday, at this time of the day, you’ll hear a damn loud vibration on a hard surface. Yes, the vibration of a alarm. Imagine how strong that vibration when we (lil’ hub and I) can actually hear it going “bzzz… bzzz… bzzz…”. And it’s going to vibrate for at least half an hour…

Can’t that neighbour just switched it off? Or is he/she too deaf or dead to do that?

*Irritated by the vibration disturbing my precious sleep*

6.44am – When you can’t get to sleep even if you are damn tired, the next best thing is to surf the Internet. But what would that results in? Having the danger of recalling a forgotten website and probably a chance to spend (a lot) money again! Oops…

7.54am – Leaving slightly earlier for the gynae today. Let’s hope little milkie will show some signs.

9.27am – Just ended the visit with the gynae. I’m 60.5kg, the lil’ hub is 70kg (OMFG!) and little milkie is 2.9kg. There’s 2 contractions today and little milkie’s heartbeat is still regular. But I think she’s sleeping just now while doing the CTG because she hardly moved.

An appointment had been fixed on next Tuesday, 10 July, at around 12pm, to be admitted to hospital. Will be kept under watch for 5-6 hours and if there’s still no signs of her coming out on her own, then she’ll be “dragged” out.

Oh well, let’s see how things goes…

4.02pm – I’m so bored. Let’s go take a nap.

6.57pm – Dinner cancelled with my parents. Guess they are too lazy to go out and eat. Bored.

9.08pm – I think my MIL will go senile sooner or later, at this rate… The lil’ hub was telling her (on the way to the restaurant) that the restaurant that we will be having our dinner later, is opened by one of his friends. And then he went on to talk about the other restaurants opened by that friend’s family etc. The MIL acknowledged it and replied too. But guess what? As we sat inside, ordered the food and chatted… When the lil’ hub brought up the fact that the restaurant is opened by his friend again, my MIL gave him a blank look, as if he never told her before =.=”’ Gosh… and so many a times in that dinner itself, he said A, she replied B. Sigh… I have problems communicating with her too…

11.57pm – I’d been having contractions every ten minutes for the past 2 hours. Is it really going to be true?

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