Blog #0388

4.34am – Ah. Need to pee.

8.07am – That’s it. I don’t want to continue lying on the bed like that and waking up around every 10 minutes because of the contractions. Damn. Been having it since around 4.30am… Am I really going to give birth today like what the master had predicted? Noon time, that’s what my Uncle told me. Let’s see…

8.27am – Don’t really want to eat that full for meals but the MIL already bought prata and bee hoon. How? Can’t possibly don’t eat because not very nice… Sigh… Let’s just eat. Anyway, the contractions seem to slow down already. Weird.

9.34am – Bored. I don’t want to wait at home like that. I need to go out…

10.19am – Yeah! At least I get to shop nearby later. Can’t imagine staying and waiting at home for the whole day. Think I’ll go crazy. Imagine if little milkie is not coming out today… HAH!

12.16pm – Am waiting for the lil’ hub now (again) to finish his usual extremely looooooooong shower. Starting to get a little hungry already. Nope, it’s past noon, and there’s still no sign of little milkie coming out. And I’ve got a few calls and SMS-es earlier on already. Well, guess this will be another ordinary day.

By the way, I’ve got my the “main & other” website up and running! – Women de Loft. Will probably start to redirect the main website link to this soon. After all, the blog should be kept to just a blog. And hopefully, I’m able to incorporate all those things that I like to do into this website only. So that I don’t need to maintain so many things. ^^ Now, it’s time to start transferring some of the things that I’d done previously into this website!

3.07pm – Back at parents’ house but they not at home now. Shall rest and wait for them to come back for tea break.

4.02pm – Yes yes, still no signs of her coming out… *Yawn* Guess there won’t be any surprise today. And the market at D3 is really bad! Didn’t sell anything these few days!

4.29pm – Yeah! They are back. Time for tea break soon!

10.17pm – Back at home after dinner, bathed and is now in front of the lappie, ready to start farming in D3! Signs of labour? Gee… I’m already so confused by it such that I don’t really want to care anymore. Apparently everyone’s experience is different and there’s no way I can have a comparison. So let’s just wait till the moment where I can’t talk nor walk, then we’ll go to the hospital immediately! Heehee…

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