Blog #0389

1.03am – Contraction time for the past 2.5 hours… 10.24, 10.37, 10.49, 10.58, 11.08, 11.16, 11.27, 11.36, 11.49, 12.01, 12.13, 12.24, 12.35, 12.48, 12.56, 1.02… Will it stopped like yesterday, after I woke up? Or will it continues? Will I need to be admitted tonight? Hmm…

4.56am – Did I doze off above the pain and discomfort? Oops… Gee… I mean, well, I did wake up now because of the pain, right? So I think it’s not that bad? *Grin*

5.10am – Did I just fall asleep again?

10.21pm – Apparently last night’s contraction stopped after I dozed off… I seriously wonder if it’s related…

Haven’t been writing for the whole of today. Not because I’m busy. It’s just that my brain is a little preoccupied. The lil’ hub asked me in the car just now, whether I’m moody because I’m unusually quiet today. Answer? No.

I might appeared a little calm, and my replies to anyone are probably just “like that”. But then… am I really that calm? No… I’m scare, regardless of natural or cesarean, epidural or GA, pain or needle. Excited? Yes, I am. But the excitement and fear can be comparatively. Alas… how? My mind is in a state of confusion.

Can you believe it? No matter what, little milkie will be out tomorrow! O.O

The lil’ hub, knowing that I’m scared, asked if I would like to postpone and reschedule it. But for what? When little milkie’s inside and not moving as much, I’m worried as well! After all, her safety is more important right?

Sigh… definitely not in the mood to play any game tonight. Shall just put my items in the auction hall, and then head on to the bed for a good rest, clear my mind and calm myself down. Hopefully I can have some peace (literally). Goodnight to all…

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