Thoughts – Resemblance

Day 2

4.35am – I think I just successfully breastfeed for the first time and probably for an hour with little milkie sucking on and off! So sore now…

I’m sleeping alone in the 4 bedder now, without the lil’ hub, and with the next bed ‘neighbour’ constantly┬ámourning on the pains and aches through breastfeeding and the wound underneath. Hey, you are not the only one experiencing it, so would you mind keeping the volume down a little?

(Some time in the day)

It had been another boring, aching and tiring┬áday. Boring because there’s hardly anything to do, and anything that you want to do. Aching because of the long periods of lying on the bed. I did try to walk around but its only for a while as I’m still feeling relatively weak. Tiring because it’s TOTALLY impossible to sleep for long hours!

Every 3 hours, it’s breastfeeding time and be it in the day or night, the nurse will simply push the baby in for a feed. And then there’s the changing of the bedsheet early in the morning at 7am. What else? Yes, the 3 meals + snacks and tea breaks. Lastly, visitors, which I’m glad I don’t have a lot. But all of these added together, I’m getting less than 4-5 hours of deep sleep per day. Goodness!

But at the end of the day, when you see the little one sleeping peacefully in her own bed, maybe you’ll think that it’s all worth it. And the one slightly interesting thing at this point is to take a closer look at the little one and see who she resembles…

So… are those my eyes? How about the nose? Mine? No no… I think its yours.

It’s so funny when parents start taking “parts” which the baby inherited. Definitely can’t see much when she was just born. Yesterday, she still looked bloated, but today, the swelling (or whatever it is) had gone down and it’s a lot easier to identify those features. Seriously, how are genes being taken? Are there any genes that are stronger and thus will definitely be the “survival”?

Let’s see… eyes – mine but bigger and more alert, mouth – most probably mine but bigger, nose – not sure at this point, fingernails – mine, toes – his… overall? Higher percentage for me!

Not sure if all these are going to change though. For now, I should try and take a nap, and hopefully be able to discharge tomorrow!

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