Thoughts – Mental Support

Day 7

9.31pm – It seems so quiet all of a sudden without the lil’ hub around. He’s going back to work tomorrow and so, he’ll be going back to our own house to sleep tonight.

Seriously… he had been a really great help and mental support for the past few days. I wouldn’t know how I can survive without him. Knowing that I’m rather tired and stress out, he did try his best to give in to some of my demands, even though he himself is very tired.

I miss him already…

(Moments later…)

Some probably don’t need it but I guess most people would.¬†Just a while ago, the lil’ hub is still around, and now that he’s back home, I swear I could literally¬†feel the pressure on me.

I’ll be sleeping alone with the little one tonight. Is that bad?

No, it’s good but yet bad at the same time.

Good because you know she’s just right beside you. Bad because now that you are alone with her, YOU have to be alert, and YOU are responsible.

For the past few days, even though the lil’ hub is around, still, in the wee hours of the night, if there’s some slight cries, I (or sometimes we) would jumped up to it, and then the next to check on little milkie. Especially after the case where she “puke” the milk out through her nose (we did burp her after the feed) and crying like mad after that. Now that I’m alone, will I still be able to sleep?

Even if I can’t, do I have a choice? The lil’ hub has to go back to work right? I should have asked him to apply for leave and accompany me for a few more days. But alas, it’s a tad too late and that his work (most likely) should be piling up to sky-high. So how can I be that selfish?

I can only try and cope, and hopefully with the help of my parents, everything is going to turn out well.

Sometimes, the presence of some people in your life, can really do wonders…

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