Thoughts – Baby’s Bathing Time

Day 9

3.06am – The constant waking up in the middle of the night and the “war” with little milkie every feeding time is one main reasons that will cause me to give up on breastfeeding immediately. You have no idea how much energy needs to be put in, just to get a good latch with a baby who always seem to excited and eager to get her food… I’m always covered with perspiration right after she finally latch on, even if it’s just less than 1 minute for a good reason – I can’t have the fan on, and this is freaking hot Singapore.

And it’s true, the crying part is somewhat getting onto me as the accumulative lack of sleep and rest increases… Alas… Wished the lil’ hub was here… I just need a good hug…

(Totally losing track of time)

Just one more day, I kept telling myself… Just one more day and it’ll be Friday, which means the lil’ hub will be here.

My mum had just bathed little milkie and it was bad. Mum was freaking out, can even see her hands trembling. Why? Because little milkie was wailing away as we took off her clothes and diapers.

Does this happens to all babies? Or is it just little milkie, who extremely don’t like people to take off her clothes?

With me being so tired, I’d already made myself so immuned to her cries – meaning, cry all you like. If I can’t and don’t really want to carry you, it simply just means I’ll continue to let you cry. At the most, I’m going to talk to you, that’s all.

Yes, I know it’s bad. But seriously, why is she crying?

Well, after observing for a few days, I guessed it’s due to the insecurity that a baby will feel. Of course, it’s normal isn’t it? I tried to put myself in little milkie’s shoes. Suddenly, I’m being stripped off of all my clothes. I’m naked and it’s a bit cold (babies hate it). I’m not being carried closed to the body of anyone. I got nothing to hold on to. Am I falling??

So here’s some tips that you can use in order to have a probably slightly better bathing time, for both you and your baby:

  • Prepare all the items before undressing the baby, such as the clothes, diapers, diaper rash cream, warm water for bathing, cotton balls, towels, shampoo, etc.
  • Talk to the baby, tell them that you are going to bathe them. Repeat it, they’ll understand
  • Hold their hands, especially if you see their hands waving frantically as if to hold something
  • Keep them as close to your body as possible when bathing them
  • Don’t immediately throw them into the bath tub. If possible, use some water and pat their buttocks or legs first, so as to prep them (and keep talking)

Well, little milkie still cries above all these, but can see that there’s a slight improvement already. At the very least, she’s not scare until she pee-d anymore.

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