The past week had been really hectic, with everyone still in panic mode and extreme lack of sleep. And now, even the breastfeeding positions want to join in the fun. I’m confused, when I’m given too many choices, and without much help. Thus, out of the so many possibilities, I tried only 2. Just these 2, which i found it to be the easiest, whatever name it’s being called. And remember, always find a comfortable position to breastfeed.

(1) Cradle Hold

Basically, cradle your baby in your left arm (the normal way of carrying the baby in a horizontal way) with the baby’s head resting on the crook of your arm, and the body resting on your whole arm. Your left hand should be supporting the baby’s buttock. With your right hand that’s free, support your left breast so that you can guide your nipple to the baby’s mouth (thumb on top of breast, the other 4 fingers below). Switch arm if you are switching the breast.

I didn’t try this for long as my baby somehow didn’t like it.

(2) Football Hold

Remember those times where you held a ball by the side. It’s more or less like that except now your left hand should be support the baby’s neck and head. And then your baby tucked under your arm, between your arm and your body. Use your left hand to guide the baby’s mouth to your nipple. Your right hand that’s free can help to support the left breast too. Switch arm if you are switching the breast.

This was recommended to me by one of the lactation consultant from the hospital. But again, different babies like different positions. So I guess it really depends.

In the event if you are tired, put cushion or pillow below your left arm to support the baby’s weight.

Good luck to your breastfeeding. I’m almost fainting but will try to hang on…

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