Thoughts – Breast Infection

Day 13

4.16am – Something seems amissed… why do I feel so extremely dehydrated? And… feverish…? Slightly chilly too… Could it be the lack of heaty food that I’m eating? No, it can’t be. I’d started eating it but it really doesn’t feels right… Never mind, let’s just continue to feed little milkie first…

8.11am – I woke up, feeling chilly and hot at the same time. I’m perspiring but it’s cold sweat. My head is in pain and I’m in a daze. The baby is crying for milk. How? I cried out for my mum and told her how I felt. I’m not supposed to be sick during confinement, that’s what I was told. I measured my temperature. 38.6 degree celsius. Darn. Why am I having such a high fever. I measured again using another thermometer. It’s exactly the same. DARN darn. I’m not good. Don’t really have much energy to provide a feed. Formula milk was decided to be given to her in the end, at least for now.

10.32am – I wished I knew this earlier and wouldn’t be in such panics, and would probably be a little more cautious. Breast infection, something that could possibly happen to some of the mums, especially those whom are breastfeeding the baby directly. It can either be due to a blocked duct that got infected, or due to a cracked nipple where bacteria went into. Breast infection can sometimes be known as mastitis. Normally it will happen to one side of the breasts only. Symptoms could possibly be high fever and/or patches of redness/itchiness on infected breast. Solution? Continue to breastfeed but if it gets worse, or you are unable to take the pain etc., visit a doctor. A few days of antibiotics should cure it.

Though I read before on the Internet that the fever could be caused by breast infection, I didn’t think that it will happen to me. I just came back from a visit to the doctor and she told me that it’s breast infection. And it’s due to a blocked duct (which I suspect, for me, it’s due to purely a bacteria infection due to a cracked left nipple). Alas… she told me to stop breast feeding, and threw away the expressed milk for the fear of bacteria in the milk itself. And I’m not supposed to pump, and had to hand-expressed it out instead, so as not to stimulate the breast too much, and cause further engorgement. I took the antibiotics and fever medicine that she gave me… and then I gave up fighting to stay awake…

(In the middle of the day)

I lied, half awake on the bed, with hardly any strength left. The baby was crying loudly, and my mum was attending to her. I didn’t bother to get up and find out what happen. Frustrated. Exhausted. Depressed. Those were the 3 words that’s in my head now, and that applies to everything. I knew I needed the rest, desperately. And I should let the others handle all the things at this point so that I can recover faster, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Little milkie, forgive me for not caring about you today… I’ll be back soon, okay? I love you…

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