Thoughts – “Doctors” vs “Lactation Consultants”

Day 14

It definitely can be quite irritating when you get so many different views, furthermore, from those that are considered “experts”.

With a more awaken mind, I started to ponder on the things that the GP (General Practitioner) said yesterday – advising me to stop breastfeeding, and to hand-express out the milk instead of pumping it out to avoid stimulation, which causes the breasts to be more engorge. Wait. Stop breastfeeding and pumping too? Wouldn’t that decrease the milk supply? At least, that’s the knowledge that I have. And seriously, will hand-expressing it out help to prevent engorgement, and how effectively can I do it? Why can’t the milk be drank?

So many questions popped out in my head. I needed answers… and so I started calling…

(Called the Gynae)
Me: May I know if the baby can drink the milk if I’ve got breast infection?
Gynae’s nurse: Maybe it’s best not to drink.

(Called the Pediatrician)
Me: Can the baby continue to be breast fed if I’ve got breast infection?
Doctor: Yes, I think should be okay. Can continue.
Me: But I’m taking antibiotics now and the GP told me to not to let the baby drink because the milk might be infected.
Doctor: If that’s the case then maybe you continue after you recover. Meanwhile let the baby take formula and you pump out the milk and throw it away.

(Called the Lactation Consultants)
Me: I’ve got breast infection, what should I do?
LC: Continue to latch the baby on.
Me: But the GP said to stop breastfeeding. And I’m taking antibiotics now.
LC: It’s okay to continue as long as you can tolerate the pain but if you are worried, then stop the breastfeeding. But continue to pump out so that there’s still stimulation and the breasts won’t be engorge. Once you healed, then continue breastfeeding again.

So now what? Stop breastfeeding? Let baby drink the milk? Or?

In the end, I’d decided to stop breastfeeding and throw the milk away because it’s probably “better be safe than sorry”. Will try and hand-express it for a today too… though… I’m beginning to have doubts on this point…

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